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School Policies and Procedures


Knowing school policies and procedures assures you and your child of what to expect and that they can do well in school!

This tutorial guides the parent in knowing important policies and procedures and provides both the Preschool/Elementary and Secondary Handbooks for a quick reference on school policies and procedures because as we know student planners are often misplaced.  If there is any question of what steps need to be prepared for or taken when your student is sick, absent, has an athletic competition, needs to make up work, etc., this tutorial will aid you as the parent to be prepared and have no surprises so you can have less stress.  Less stress on you the parent, and in turn the student will create that healthy home environment that will aid your student in becoming successful!

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2. For teacher/class specific policies and procedures, log in to RenWeb to either contact the teacher and/or see class information.

1. There is always that question about "What was that school policy and/or procedure again?"!  So feel free to browse and review the following document regarding all school-wide policies and procedures.

Elementary Parent Student Handbook 2017.pdf

Secondary Parent Student Handbook 2017.pdf

3. Test your understanding by taking the short Quiz below: