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We want to make sure we have provided helpful information in the tutorials and are doing all we can to strengthen the partnership between us as a school and you as the parent so that our students can be as successful as possible!  

As mentioned previously, MacNay (2002) states, “Even though it is exceedingly difficult to isolate and distinguish the impact of the numerous components of social context on individual student achievement, it is generally accepted that, when schools are an integral part of stable social contexts, teachers and parents naturally reinforce each other and the community’s social and educational values. In such contexts, students easily form bonds with adults and experience a sense of continuity and stability, conditions that are highly correlated with high academic achievement” (p. 48). 

McNay, V. J. (2002). Mandating accountability: Educational change and the local impact of state policy
       of an urban elementary school (Order No. 3069063). Available from ProQuest Dissertations &
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1. Please take a short Questionnaire to let us know how
we as a school ​are doing in assisting you, as parents;
​and if you have any questions.  

Parent Partnership Summary

Thank you!

2. Please watch the video below as a conclusion to the Parent Partnership Development tutorials (having full viewing control).

​3. ​​Summary

Parents are an important part of a child's life!  So as a school we know that having a partnership between you, as parents, and us is of utmost importance and essential to your children being truly successful in school and life.

For text script, please view the following document: Parent Partnership Summary

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