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1. We all have different learning strategies, but there are proven methods of studying.  Please review the following for important information:

Homework Help TIPS

Study TIPS

Family Media Plan

To continue to School Policies
​and Procedures, Select:

4. Summary

Children can easily be distracted so they need a set time and place for studying so as to effectively learn.

Ideal Conditions for Learning

2. Activities

Have fun practicing what you have learned!

     Family Feud Powerpoint - download the
     document, select and view it in SlideShow
     mode and answer the questions.  Select the
     boxes to see if you ranked the items
​     correctly.

3. Test your understanding by taking the short Quiz below:

This tutorial is geared toward assisting parents in understanding the ideal conditions for learning that will aid in a healthy home environment.  Without having conditions that allow students to be able to do homework and process the information, students will struggle with learning, not do well in school and become frustrated and possibly give up all together.  This will frustrate parents which will itself create stress and strife in the home.