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2. Activities

Have fun practicing what you have learned!


       Make some healthy recipes together with your child(ren)

3. Self-Assessment

Take an online quiz and see if you understand what is happening with your child and what your child needs.

Children's Developmental Processes and Needs

​4. ​Summary

Children are a wonder and created by God to develop at a steady pace with something going on at each stage of their life.

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​Processes and Needs - Infants, Select:

This tutorial is geared toward assisting parents in understanding their children so they can create that healthy home environment.  Without understanding their children, there will be discord within the home and all involved with be frustrated. 

Children were created by God and all are unique!  They each have different strengths and weaknesses; gifts, personalities, and talents.  However, there are many stages of life that are usually similar with everyone.

1. Find out the similarities and differences of children at each stage, and their needs by clicking on the selections below.  Once you review each stage, return here for review activities and a self-assessment.